BearBones, originally MiniMax PC services was incorporated in 1999. Until 2010 the company did minimal work, sort of a sideline, helping out family and friends.  2010 comes along and we quit our IT jobs to go on our own and make it our full time career. Doing things our way, the right way. Good service, best quality hardware at reasonable pricing.

A bit later on, we expanded our computer services to small powerful outdoor digging / drilling machines. This was to get outside, exercise and have a bit of fun doing it.

Well, the demand has been quite impressive. Seems almost nobody has the smaller machines. Everybody has big bobcats which either don't fit or destroys the ground (and they sure do charge a fortune).

Well, now we not only enjoy doing our passion of computer and IT the way we feel it should be done, we have the luck of having fun on these small tracked machines (and are very good at it). Because we really enjoy what we do it reflects in our work, work ethics, performance and pricing. 




Dig We Must